Started in 2004 to celebrate Smokey’s 60th birthday, Smokey Bear Day’s was held as an annual event. Unfortunately Smokey Bear Days will no longer hold this event annually. In light of the great 75th birthday celebration for Smokey that we had this year and knowing that it would be difficult to meet or beat it in the upcoming years, the Association has decided to focus on a big event every five years. The next Smokey Bear Days will be for his 80th birthday in 2024.
smokeybeardays poster
The Smokey Bear Days’ mission is to promote the fire prevention message and educate visitors to the Capitan area about the dangers of unwanted, human-caused wildfires.

Smokey Bear’s first appearance was in a 1944 CFFP poster. The history of Smokey’s Fire Prevention campaign and the cub found in the Capitan Mountains has international impact. Come discover the story at Smokey Bear Historical Park.

Smokey Bear
Picture of Smokey Bear