2017 Parade Application

Parade Guidelines

-- ATV’s, 4-wheelers, dirt bikes, motorcycles and similar vehicles will be limited to organized groups. Helmets and eye protection are required by law for everyone 18 and under on all such vehicles and children 16 and under are limited by law to driving a 90cc maximum.

Children 18 and under on bicycles are required by law to wear a helmet. Adult supervision is required for all children 6 years old or under, from start to finish on the parade route.

Candy must be thrown far enough to be off the road to prevent children coming onto the road to collect it. This is a hazard for the children and the parade participants behind you, which may be horses, motor vehicles, bicycles or marching bands. Please see that everyone in your group adheres strictly to this rule.

2017 Vendor Application

All Vendor Slots Have Been Filled for 2017!
Thank you!

Smokey Bear Home Town Association Membership Application

Smokey Bear’s Hometown Association is an all volunteer, non-profit organization holding a tax exempt status under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our mission is to encourage the awareness and appreciation of Smokey Bear’s fire prevention messages and to raise money to support and improve the Smokey Bear Historical Park.

The Park is the final resting place of the living symbol, Smokey Bear. We involve citizens in public service projects, historical preservation, education and economic development. We promote annual events to increase tourism to the rural area and organize renovation projects at the Park.